The Secrets of Market Timing: How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time with Allen Gannett

A talk by Allen Gannett
Author, The Creative Curve

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About this talk

Trends are fleeting and hard to pin down. Or are they? This talk explores the science of trends. Why do specific ideas take off when they do? Why do others rise then fall, causing businesses to come crashing down? Or why do some ideas fail but later work such as Apple's first tablet computer flopping in the 90s but the iPad later ushering in the tablet era? And what does this say about developing and marketing SaaS? The talk is based on two years of research for Gannett's book The Creative Curve (June 2018, Penguin Random House). As part of this, he interviewed dozens of the world's leading creatives such as celebrity chefs, multi-platinum musicians, billionaire entrepreneurs, and fine artists. In addition, he talked to the leading scientists and academics who study creativity. This talk will give a sneak peek into Gannett's research and a look at how you can leverage it when it comes to understanding market behavior. We will explore the neuroscience and case studies of how customers are driven to trends that are a balance of the familiar and the novel. For SaaS companies, this is critical for two reasons. When it comes to developing products, you must create software that is not the most advanced, but the products that matches the needs and comfort of your target users. Entrepreneurs commonly confuse the ""best"" features with the right features. Second, when marketing SaaS, you must understand what drives customers to find certain ideas compelling and others dull. B2B software is often subjected lowest-common-denominator marketing, but by applying the science of trends, SaaS companies can create marketing that resonates on the most important level: the human one.

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